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Full Version: Just a challenging hobby
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Hello all.

Yeah, I'll admit it, I've got some TIs in my stash. But, the good news is that this collection dwindles in light of how much more I am engulfed in HP calcs and programming the RPN side of things. So, in order to keep the balance heavily in RPN territory, I've ported both the SR-56 Application Library and some of my TI-58C Solid State Modules programs to various HPs from the meager 25C, to the heftier 29C and HP-67. Just as well, I've also ported programs featured in AOS-themed books of the era to my others from the 32S-II to the 41/42 and some to the HP-48.

So, during the days of the calculator boon, have any others here dabbled into some of the books available at your local Crown, B Dalton, Pickwick, etc. or even some from EduCalc and tried to translate and adapt those programs & programming techniques for our beloved RPN gymnasts?