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Full Version: [OT] Vintage Coputer Festival East 2012
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Hi all,

I attended the Vintage Computer Festival East over the weekend and even bumped into Egan Ford who was working in nearby NYC and decided to stop by with his daughter.

The festival is held at the InfoAge Science History Learning Center which is well worth a trip. They have museums of radio, computers, New Jersey Ship wrecks etc.

I posted some pictures here..

Hi David,

I was there on Sunday. Great talks, fun people and fun equipment. I picked up about 20 lbs of books - couldn't pass them up at 2 lb for a Dollar.

Too bad we didn't meet up - it would have been good to put a face with your name. Maybe next year.


That's cool, books sold by the pound :-)

I'll sell you ~TON of Astrophysical Journal (1968 - ~1990) for the same price (i.e. per TON not per pound)!

Great to see an old DECSystem up and running (hope that was the real thing) - it has been a long time since I used an RL02.