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Full Version: OT/FYI: another very useful resource for the "big HP calculators"
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Beside the excellent hpmuseum.net please note the superb website by Paul Weissmann et al., openpa.net.

BTW a snapshot of my HP 9000 production machines running HP-UX legacy research applications, a C360 ('Cranach') and a K580 ('Kepler')---their manufacturing quality and reliability is only excelled by the ~25 year older HP 46 on the left :-)


It's a pity that HP has never developed a HP 28/48 compatible RPL interpreter or compiler for HP-UX beside their great FORTRAN and C/C++ products...


Edited: 6 May 2012, 9:38 a.m.

Very nice - I have to confess that I'm rather jealous.

Mike T.