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Full Version: PIL-Box Still Obtainable?
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I just read a very recent forum article describing using the HP-IL interface and PIL-Box to dump ROM modules, and was inspired to look further, as one with an underused HP-IL module and great interest in connecting the HP41CX to a PC.

I am interested in experience with the PIL-Box, and in particular if it is still an active project. The relevant webpage doesn't have any updates on it past 2010. I have emailed the developer, of course, but I am curious if other members have recently obtained a PIL-Box and how it works for them.

Thanks in advance for guidance.


J-F Garnier wrote me and indeed he is still producing PIL-Box. I will order one. Still interested in other members' experience with PIL-Box as a means of turning the PC into a mass storage medium for the HP41 series.


I use it regularly. It's a beauty - very useful to load odd modules that are not already contained in my 41CL. Also useful to load MCODE work done "on the road" to my PC.

Thanks, Geir. The 41CL upgrade is my hope, too, but I would need someone knowledgeable and skilled to install it because I am not going to open my 41's ever again after managing to muck things up once and having Randy of FixThatCalc undo my mess. I don't want to even ask Randy about doing the upgrade given that his site has been closed to new work since the beginning of the year.

I have acquired a NoV-64, which Diego is in the process of replacing since I seem to have gotten a malfunctioning programmer, and this of course gives access to ROMs galore.

Thanks for replying.


Excellent! Good to hear and thanks for letting us know, Les.