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Full Version: HP48G Series Connectivity in a USB World
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Several years ago I had spotty success with data transfer with my HP48G and a DB9-port equipped computer using a homemade cable from a local seller. It was cheap, I got what I paid for, and it has long since failed.

I am keen to try again. Heartened by how well this USB-Serial Adapter (FTDI-chipped) sold by Eric Rechlin works with the WP34S programming cable, I was wondering how people approach connecting their HP48's to newer USB-only PCs.

I am seeing on TAS a seller offering an ostensibly well-rated cable with USB connector, but it is about 40 bucks plus shipping. The same seller (and others) offers a cable with the old DB9 connector for less than half as much.

Given that I have a well-working USB-serial adapter already, I would rather opt for the much cheaper serial cable if it will work just as well.

What's the experience out there on this? I am assuming that other forum contributors have purchased Eric's excellent adapter for purposes other than flashing the 34s. If anyone is using it or other FTDI-chipped adapters with a good HP48 serial cable with success, I'd like to know! You could save me some moolah.



Last year on 27-7-2011 I bought one of them cables
(USB Cable for HP 48G 48GX 48SX w/ DVD Factory Made New
myteknovo) for US $24.50 plus postage. No FTDI so didn't work on my machines, but a friend in Europe got lucky - worked on his laptop. Now at $40 not worth getting it at all.

Eric's price is the best and the way to go IMO. I got one of them before he started selling them, unfortunately. Works no problem.

Otherwise there is FTDI chipped adapter 9 pin serial -> USB, works OK, doesn't look very professional, but attached to the original HP48 serial cable does the job.

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I think you answered my question--namely, a "traditional" DB9 cable should work fine with the adapter I got from Eric, and I shouldn't fuss about with the expensive USB cable? Please correct me if I am misunderstanding...

Yes, you got it right - works flawlessly.