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Full Version: Biographies: I'd like to read about you
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Hi, folks;

I took a brief look at the biographies page and I did not see many of active contributors' files. I'd like to read about you.

Please, draw a few lines in there. It's good to know a bit about people we do not have a daily contact. This section was not active for a while, and after some requests, Dave agreed turning it back on.

Let's make it worth the job.

Thank you.

Well, I just put my biography online in the case you want to read it :-)

My biography is finally there. If you find it boring, you may always skip everything between 1960 and 2000...


Yours is the most intertaining biography yet!!!

I'm glad you were able to avoid the calculator virus. It is quite serious and has infected many of my friends. I have managed to stay well with a regimen of Vitamin C and slide rule excercises (including number crunches).



Really impressive biography and very nice calculator collection ... For unknown reason I thought that you are a student :-) Well, we must meet somewhere to talk a little about calculators and related things ...

Best regards.

AFAIK, we have already agreed on that. The first thing next time I come to Zagreb...