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Full Version: WP 34S: Simplification to the Assembler
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We've added a new document to the SVN tree: WP 34S Command Alias Names for the Assembler.

The idea behind this is to ease the input of programs for the assembler by defining easier to type names for many commands. You can now write SWAP instead of x[<->] Y or 'A' instead of [alpha] A.

The wp34s_asm.exe version of the assembler needs an update by Neil while the .pl file already knows about the new feature.

Praise Jeebus!

Writing code in the "pretty" commands is more time consuming and prone to typos. I relish the alias approach.

One question--in looking at the alias list, I noticed certain basic math constants--like half-Pi and the square root of 2Pi--that are very useful to have precomputed in many applications yet don't seem available in the CONST catalog. Will they be keyboard accessible in time? Or will they only be available to those writing and assembling text files?

Just curious. They could've been in wp34s.op all the time, but I never noticed. The only attention I ever paid to that file was make sure I always had the most up-to-date one and rebuilt my flash library against it every time I updated my calculator.

The additional constants are used in internal commands and we decided against publishing them in the CONST catalogue. If there are enough reasons to change this we will.