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Full Version: go67c - cannot input "LBL a" in W/PRGM mode
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Hi Olivier,
I have been using the go67c for a couple of days already and I am enjoying it very much.

The problem is that I have not been able to input "LBL a" in program mode. I can input "LBL A" without a problem [f, LBL, A] but when trying to input: [f, LBL, f, A], the program system records "GSB a".

I have tested it numerous times, and I can get the same result by typing [f, A], so it looks like the system loses the first [f,LBL,] part after pressing [f] the second time.

Please let me know if I am doing something incorrect and this is normal behaviour and what should be the right key presses to get "LBL a" recorded.

thanks in advance,

Hi, Frederico.

Please, check the original HP67 keyboard layout below:

You will notice that [LBL] is a [f]-shifted (yellow) function, but the [f] after it is a [g]-shifted [blue] function. So, to get a

'LBL a'
in the original HP67 you must press
[g][LBL f][A]  ([LBL f] is the [h] key)
The preceding [f] to capture the lower-case [a] to [e] labels is already merged in the [g][LBL f] sequence. If the emulator follows this principle, it might work as well.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 5 May 2012, 11:50 a.m.

Yup, that works fine.

If you'll pardon the unfamiliarity. What is a go67c? Is that a 67 hybrid like the 41CL or a completely new project like the WP-34S?


It's an android app.

Thanks! That clears up the confusion. Makes me wonder if there's one for (ahem, excuse me) the iPhone.

Just looked through Google and found (an oldie but a goodie) LXVII. D/Led for my Mac it and boy is it EXCELLENT!!

Edited: 7 May 2012, 8:36 p.m.

Yes it follows this principle as it is a hardware emulator, even for the card reader.


BTW, congratulations. I am a huge fan of all you, guys, who offer to those of us a chance to know these masterpieces when we cannot actually have them in our hands.


Luiz (Brazil)