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Full Version: HP65 program cards compatibility
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I think that prerecorded magnetic strips for the 65 are suitable for HP67 and HP41 too, as well as the number of registers in the newer calculators is higher than in the original designed for, isn't it?

Edited: 4 May 2012, 3:21 a.m.

No. They are incompatible, in the HP-65 cards the instructions are coded on 6 bit while in the calculators HP67/97 and 41 they are coded on 8 bit.




Thank-you it helps, apologize to have not read first, before to ask, here, on the museum, : "Fully merged keycodes: A function could require three keystrokes but still fit on one line. This was achieved by using 8 rather than 6 bit instruction words allowing 256 distinct operations.".....i is written just at the beginning of HP67 description.....