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Full Version: OT: Is a nonfunctioning TI-66 of interest?
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I just got a TI-66 Programmable in a batch of "for repair or parts" calculators.

The battery compartment door is missing; the compartment interior is clean and shiny. I see signs of life with batteries inserted (a zero and a "DEG" indicator appear), but keying a digit turns the calculator off.

Is this calculator of interest to anyone?

For your information, an NIB TI-66 was sold for under US$70 on eBay.

I didn't know that. But I see two recent "completed" listings, you know where, for working TI-66s: one for 38USD, another (with stuff) for 55USD.

My question remains: is anyone here interested in a TI-66 that doesn't work?

I suppose I'd be interested in it to someday decap and photomicrograph the chip, but I'm not willing to pay more than the cost of postage.

It's yours for the postage on a small flat rate box, presuming you're USA; that's $5 and a bit more. I'll need your address.

I'd pay for the manuals, if you have them.

In addition, if Eric only needs the electronics, I'd be interested in a new case for my beaten up sample, but it doesn't justify the postage alone.

Thomas, I have two manuals. I could spare one of them.

I've got no manuals. I'm sending the whole calculator to Eric.

This forum is like the best of old usenet, without the bad sides. :-)

This forum is like the best of old usenet, without the bad sides. :-)

You think usenet had a bad side! You must be a nazi!!