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Full Version: Has anone seen the 'other' TAS?
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Hi all.

Yes, there is another hpmuseum on the web. But, here's the difference--its URL is hpmuseum.net. That's .net.

So, has anyone ventured here?

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Please, look at this page and you'll see that they mention this hpmuseum in a very respectful way (at least I felt it so):

The web's best resource on this category is at the outstanding site: http://www.hpmuseum.org.

(added)Also, many of the calculator's pages have a link to this museum in the product information section.

Just a matter of being fair, have never heard of this other museum before.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 3 May 2012, 12:44 a.m.

He's got the best HP-9000 resources I've found. It's a good place to go to for software written for old HP machines.

Just a matter of being fair, have never heard of this other museum before.

I have their logo and www-address on my HP-71B manual and reference pdfs.

I've got this URL in my list for years but I admit I didn't visit it too often so far.

BTW, 'TAS' denotes ePay here - you may have meant 'TOS', haven't you? ;-)

Well, although I realise TAS meant the eP (I don't know if its mention is still taboo here) one you mentioned, I was using TAS to refer to hpmuseum.net in a humourous sense. And yes I'm a fan of TOS as in in 'Star Trek' (The Original Series).

I guess now we will need to create a new reference: "TOHM".

Or maybe not.

In fact either TAS and TOS are used as placeholders for their full names (we all respectfully know why), but this TOHM may not need to. After all, the other hpmuseum matches Dave's basic purpose of keeping records of HP good old-fashion technology we all like and appreciate so well.

My thoughts, though.


Luiz (Brazil)

I believe mentioning ebay on this forum is not taboo if I am understanding the "The Terms Of Use (Rules) / Additional Terms of Use for Discussions About Ebay and Other Auction Sites" correctly. In fact to post this response I must agree with the following statement "Posting indicates your agreement with the Museum of HP Calculators "Terms of Use".

And (now that I think about it) all the discussion about Joerg's TI-88 and the fact that it's on eBay, should have tipped me off that eBay subject matter isn't that problematic to talk about here.

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