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Full Version: Keyboard Cleanup for a Spice (or any other HP)
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Hello all. In order to just clean the surface and keys of the HP calculator keyboard of the usual, dust, specs of case residue, etc without disassembling the calc, what would you recommend for cleaning the keys and faceplate of the calculator?

I had good success using lens (eye glasses) cleaning solution with lens cleaning cloth and with cotton swaps for cleaning on and around the keys.

Thanks for beating me to the punch. I was mulling it over and was discounting the idea of an EXTREMELY SLIGHT damp cloth. The other idea I was going to consider was the iKlear (R) Computer monitor/keyboard cleaning fluid & its accompanying cloth.

When I clean the keyboard, I hold it face down this way no liquid would go inside the keyboard. After cleaning leave it face down on a dry cloth for 30 mins or so until dry. More than one way to skin a calculator (.. or it was a ..)

I'd avoid using cloth or cotton swabs - at least till it's pretty clean. They're likely to drag any dust that's in the grease along the surface of the painted faceplate and leave a bunch of tiny parallel scratches in it. A soft toothbrush and the cleaning solution of your choice will take longer but not leave rows of X marks in the paint between your keys. Do it upside down to keep anything from running inside.

Thanks for the tip. So, what's the consensus on the liquid I should use and the dampness of the cloth? By the way, wouldn't using a cotton swab be prone to leaving strands of cotton behind?

A Q tip moistened with Windex works well for cleaning the faceplate between the keys.

Are you serious?!?! Maybe I should tell Nia Vardalos' dad (yes, 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding') that not only does Windex(R) will cure anything from psoriasis to poison ivy, it cleans up calculator keyboards quite well. I may never watch 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' the same way again. Thanks.

The day is young but, this will certainly be the best laugh I've had yet.

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