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Full Version: HP71B to HP-IL dig.cassette comm.
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Title says it all. I do not have the HP-IL manual for the HP71B. Consequently I looked in the HP75 Ref. manual for some IL commands. I cannot seem to make the HP71B working with those commands (ASSIGN IO, etc) and the digital cassette drive. Can somebody explain which basic commands are used as well as their parameter setting ? (or better yet; make a copy of the manual available, costs will be reimbursed).

Commands needed consist of a.o. saving/retrieving files, CATaloging a cassette, assigning an address to a drive, etc.

Thanks for any replies !

Check the archived forum for information on this topic. I asked the same questions and received very good answers. Or send an e-mail if maybe you need a copy of the Manual. Jeff

Save and retrieve works the following way: For saving type:

COPY filenamelocal to filenametape:1

(if the cassette drive is the first device in the loop)

for loading something:

COPY filenametape:1 to filenamelocal

Catalog files like in the 71:

CAT :1

There are other addressing schemes I discussed somewhere here in the forum.

Just search for: "HP-71B HP-IL question" or faster, my first name "Reinhard"

ASSIGN IO isn't needed, but you must do a RESTORE IO before using the loop. I don't have an english HP-IL manual, so I fear, I can't help with a copy. (I believe a german manual wouldn't be of help.)