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Full Version: HP-15C User Mode Features
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Hello all,

Please refresh my memory. The User mode had some effects on Matrix Entry and when used in PRGM mode (thus, the 'u' on certain keyycodes).

So, what functionality does User mode affect and how?


When STOing to or RCLing from a matrix, in user mode the indices automatically advance. In addition, in a program the do-if-true rule kicks in when the indices reach the end of the matrix. (Actually, I suppose it's more like ISG/DSE in that the next step is skipped when the loop completes.)

Thanks for the refresh!

In addition to the matrix entry features described by Kiyoshi, User mode also gives direct single key access to program routines labelled A, B, C, D and E. (It actually swaps the primary and yellow shift functions for those keys as you can execute the normal primary key function by pressing f-shift first.)

IIRC, this is the very single effect when USER mode is active in the HP11C, is that so?

Yes. since the 11C does not have either matrices or over 21 registers (counting the I item), the USER keystroke only swaps the primary functions so that labels A-E are primary functions.

Edited: 30 Apr 2012, 11:32 a.m.