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Full Version: WP-34s: Project donation page
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A note to WP-34s owners:

I had kind of a hard time finding the WP-34s donation page. So, just in case anyone else couldn't find it: ;-)

WP-34s Project Donations page

I realize that the WP-34s developers will never get enough donations to cover all their invested time, but I sure hope that they can at least recoup their out-of-pocket expenses! Their hard work has given many of us the HP calculator that we could only dream about a few years ago!

As a non-developer, I ask of you: If you love your WP-34s, please show it by supporting the people who made it happen!


(And if you take offense to this post, please feel free to ignore it!)


Do you mean you took offense and igored it ... or made a donation ;)

I think I can disambiguate that knowing Geoff's enthusiasm for the WP-34s. :)

Now that he can print... :-)


Thanks for the positive assumption to the first statement. Marcus and Paul can both attest to my affirmation and enthusiasm for the projects.

Howard, "disambiguate" wonderful word! Got to use that in my next HCC talk.

Marcus, now that I will be able to print, I must surely learn how to write!

Cheers all, Geoff