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Full Version: hp49g ADDTMOD Error
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In 11 years of working with this great machine, this is first thing I haven't been able to solve by just reading the manual.

This for the ADDTMOD command from both the soft key and when called within a << >> program.

I am getting an intermittent error condition when, with two integers on the stack, (in RPN Mode, of course) I am getting a generic, "Bad Argument Type".

What makes this even more frustrating, is that it is intermittent. For reasons I still seem to be unable to determine I can still get the command to work and return the correct value, just not all the time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


Are you sure there is not one of the 2 numbers that is a real number instead of an integer ?

If you use a program, insert a HALT just before the ADDTMOD command : if one (or the 2) number have a point ( for exemple 2. and not 2), this will cause a "Bad Argument Type" error.

What is your version of ROM ? There were many bugs in the first releases of the 49G ROM. I have the 1.19-6,but I no longer use my old 49G.

Edited: 26 Apr 2012, 5:02 a.m.