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Full Version: 42S program review
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Hi, newbie here.
I have written a number of programs for various HPs in the (far distant) past, but none recently.
Would anyone be interested/willing to review a program & offer pointers?

Thanks for your interest & help.
Bill :-)


I am an electrical engineer and I really like the HP42S programming. Have a few myself, did not have the time to organize and post about them.

My programs mostly deal with electricity, electronics and some other fields of interest, like (believe me) surveying. Although I have graduation and post-graduation in Electrical Engineering, I found surveying a very interesting field for programming portable calculators. Please, allow me to ask: what are your programs about?

Cheers. And welcome, o'course!

Luiz (Brazil)

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Hi Luiz, Thanks for your reply.
Surveying has been a passion for the last 30+ years. I started my programming on a 41c & wrote several surveying programs (COGO, Grades & Vertical Curves, Topo & Slope Stake, Horizontal Curve Staking, etc). I was lucky enough at that time to have an HP programming mentor who showed me a number of tips & techniques that really helped me catch on. That was 20-25 years ago.

Currently, I am programming a 42s for time keeping calculations for TSD road rallies. TSD Description
Here is one of the Solver programs that I have written

1	Lbl T
7 Rcl T0
8 >Hr
9 Rcl T1
10 >Hr
11 -
12 Rcl M1
13 Rcl- M0
14 Rcl/ S1
15 +
I appreciate your time & interest.
Bill (Southern Oregon)

Hi, Bill.

I, too, appreciate your sharing of the program and the link.

BTW, the actual link works fine:


Somehow, the added link to your post is different, I guess it is a matter of editing:


I had some friends dealing with motorcycle trail (motorcycle rally?) and I was also asked to create programs for this matter. I did not keep the listings, though... I remember creating at least two programs for the HP41CX and deeply modifying another one written for the HP11C.

When I was in the last year of the Electrical Engineering course I decided to subscribe for the Surveying classes. I barely concluded it because I was not good at land measurement - I'm not good at dealing with Stadia, Theodolite and other land measuring devices - but I kept my average grade by writing good programs. Even the teacher found them useful, he actually bought an HP41CX because he felt he could use them in the field. I just told him I'd keep the programs listings for my own use, so I kept them all, still have them. I just do not have the descriptions and usage instructions in English, only in Portuguese. But since I have an original printing of the HP41 Users' Library Solutions - Surveying, I guess I'll find a way to translate the instructions and the necessary ALPHA messages. I'll let you know about them soon, OK?


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 25 Apr 2012, 11:26 a.m.

Hi Bill,

Currently, I am programming a 42s for time keeping calculations for TSD road rallies

Reading the article brought back some fond memories. Back in the earlier 70's I competed in several TSD rallies and had a lot of fun. Best I ever did was fourth overall - but they were all great fun.

Good to see another HP-42S fan. The 42S is my favorite HP calculator. I'll have to give your program a look over. Too bad the 42S doesn't have a timer in it.