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Full Version: SUM function on WP-34S
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Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I do not get the correct answers using the SUM function (under the STAT menu)for sum of x & y.
I'm using version 2769.

Tom Scott

Thanks for reporting. To handle your message properly it would be quite helpful to *know* what you did and what you got. TIA d:-)

I'm running build 2747 and I also have a problem. Here are the number that I entered:

Clear Sigma
1 {enter) 1 Sigma+
2 {enter} 4 Sigma+
3 {enter} 9 Sigma+
4 {enter} 16 Sigma+
5 {enter} 25 Sigma+

The Sums menu reports the sum of X to be 55 and the sum of Y to be 15 (correctly). However, SUM from the STAT menu (which I hadn't noticed before!) returns the numbers -8.22E-279 and -8.33e-80 to the x and y registers.

Nigel (UK)

Thanks for reporting. I already have an idea what caused this. Has to be repaired for sure :-)

For build 2823, the emulator returns correct results. Please update :-)

I've just updated my calculator to build 2823 and the problem remains. The same input (or indeed any input that I have tested) causes SUM to return the same two strange numbers as in my previous post.

Nigel (UK)

We are working on it ...

I can't reproduce it here on the emulator. I have to test on the device.

Edit: Outch, that hurts! It's a device only problem. Now I need to start my hardware debugger again. :-(

Edit again: I think I fixed it. :-)

Edited: 18 Apr 2012, 5:16 p.m.

Works for me! Thank you (again). Time for bed!

Nigel (UK)

Edit again: I think I fixed it. :-)

Well Marcus, then I hope you have time for fixing me? ;-)

It has also to do with SUM, because after reading this thread here I was more than confused!

I remember from WP34s V2 that there were library files sum/product.wp34s which had functions to build the sum/product looping over a user-defined function. And I still can find this code in V3, now it's in XROM and combined into prodsum.wp34s.

But in this thread I read now that SUM just return Sx and Sy of the statistics registers!?

So I checked the manual and found the description for the SUM command (but only for Sx/Sy), but no PRD, PROD or PRODUCT at all.

Now I'm really confused: what has happend to these commands from V2?

Have they been removed in V3?

Or did they get any new name that I just haven't found yet?


Edited: 18 Apr 2012, 5:59 p.m.

Look for capital sigma and pi in the manual.

- Pauli

Look for capital sigma and pi in the manual.

Oh my god, how could I overlook this!?

But the name SUM was so obviously pointing into this direction ...