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Full Version: The new HP39gII has arrived!
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The new HP39GII has arrived. Here are some pictures and a brief description.

Some HP39GII pictures and description

There is much to like: the keyboard, the sharp screen, the speed, the software included...

It makes you believe on the future of the calculator group!!

Any HP 50gII ahead?

Congrats on your new arrival!!!

On Gerson's idea, if there is a 50gII ahead, I hope HP takes this hint and revamps the 50 with this well-organised, less cluttered form factor and colour scheme.

Edited: 17 Apr 2012, 6:51 p.m.

Thank you!
Looking forward to reading your full review!

I Immediately see two serious deficiencies. No RPN, wrong placement of ENTER key :-(

Edited: 17 Apr 2012, 8:20 p.m.

considering the 50g is on close-out, perhaps so!

Glad you brought that up--perhaps it started with the 33S but, our beloved ENTER key has been demoted to a lower right regular sized button. And yes, I know, it started with the Voyager series, even the up arrow has vanished. BUT, maybe it's because this model is an algebraic unit was all the more reason for HP to eradicate all RPN perks.

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The HP-39GII is a very nice machine and capable machine. Cyril, Tim, and the rest of the team did a very good job. The support for programming is very nice and versatile. You can write functions that take parameters that are lists and matrices. So you are not stuck with parameters that are only simple variables.


I checked the HP web site and the HP-50g is NOT out of stock!


Namir, the hp.com website that I'm looking at shows 50g "Out of Stock".

Other comments / observations:

It shows 33s "Out of Stock".

There are no 30b or 39gii shown for sale.

I'm not sure why hp thinks they need to sell 3 different 12c's.

Has hp ever sold a 48gii?


"Has hp ever sold a 48gii?"


I don't see what is wrong with having writing on the faceplate and a dark faceplate. That's what most of our favorite oldies have...

You can write functions that take parameters that are lists and matrices

How long before we see FEA on the 39gii!

Just to be clear, what does FEA stand for?

Oh dear, look here!

Thanks! Along with refdesk.com, 'Acronym Finder' is quite helpful. Great tip

Edited: 18 Apr 2012, 1:49 a.m.

I vote for "Funeral Ethics Association". :-)

Seems an interesting calculator !

Is there any detailed information about the programming capability ?

I hope that this HP39Gii is the first calculator of a new promising family !

Hi Jose !

you wrote that you don't got a manuel with the calculator (nor a book or a CD). Is there a place to download it ? I'm interested but I need some documentations to use this calculator ;)

Well, I grant you the classic black and other classic looks. Even so, the colour scheme of the 39g II is quite favourable. I must say though that for the function set and mass of keyboard/faceplacte nomenclature, there is so much there that I wind up scanning the entire keyboard just to find the function or menu I'm looking for. i just wish that for the 50G to do so much, HP could've organised the keyboard layout, secondary/tertiary and alpha legends into a more streamlined and less cluttered arrangement. Since they did so well with the 48SX/GX on keyboard layout, why didn't HP follow that scheme to develop an organised keyboard for the 50G?

Is there any indication this model will be available in the States?

Please enlighten what you considered to be cluttered or not well thought out on the 50g. Quite curious.

Haha I really did laff out loud!

if you read Dutch (i don't) , here it is http://www.hp50g.nl/wp-content/uploads/NWD-39gII.pdf

Imho :

I used a 48SX long ago, and a 50G now and I like the readability of the 50G keyboard. Some suggestions :

1/ Why not put the { / x + - } keys in the left of the keyboard (like with the 41 C).

2/ I would like a 'classic' ENTER key

-> 1/ & 2/ because I uses my thumbs to enter datas when i use it not on a table.

3/ In some circonstances (light) , the 50G is not so 'matt' as i would like

4/ The keyboard is no so sweet than my old 48sx but ( don't speak about the ENTER key), i prefer the 50G keyboard organisation

That is actually a document prepared by a distributor. I've never seen it before.

I am not certain where and HP manuals are on the web at the moment. Since the product has only been released in Asia (China specifically) at the moment, it would not surprise me if the only one available would be found somewhere in the Asian HP pages.


Just for curiosity, and based on your previous post; Is it widely available in China now? Or is kind of a limited quantity (and then limited availability) batch?

Let's do some quick calculations for Limited Edition HP 39gII for the PR China market.

Population: 1.3 x 10^9 people

Limited to 0.001% of the population, production run
= 1.3 * 10^9 * 0.001% = 13,000 units

go figure :-)

hpnut in Malaysia

I wonder if it's just in kind of certification/adoption process, or similar situation; or if it's on a "steady state" of supply; if such a thing exists.