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Full Version: HP-67 won't run on batteries
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Don't you just hate it when you're making a "calculator check" and a machine that worked perfectly the last time you tried it suddenly doesn't?

One of my two HP-67s has decided that it will not longer run on batteries. Runs fine from the AC adapter, but of course the card reader requires battery current to work.

I seem to recall reading of this syndrome in the past and that the fix was rather simple, but I can't find it now. If Katie or someone else hardware-knowledgeable would remind me, I'd appreciate it.

For the calculator to work on batteries, contact as to be made between the 2 outboard studs in the charger plug recess. This is achieved through a springy copper plate which falls in place once the charger plug is removed.
To fix a bad connection, the easiest way is to open the calculator to removed the U-shaped copper sheet and bend the legs apart to restore firm contact.
I hope that helps.

Also look for a bad connection between the positive battery contact in the battery compartment and one of the outboard studs in the charger plug recess. I don't remember which stud, but if the springy copper plate is functioning, that should not matter.

Hi David, you can read this post and the related links.

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Hi Dave,

Both suggestions are correct.

Simple test. Short the two outer prongs with a wire clip to each one.

Plug in the charged battery pack. If the calc works it is the clip that is failing. If not working then check at the battery prong connections inside and the charger prongs.


Thanks for all the suggestions...I'll try 'em when I get back later in the week.