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Full Version: HP-41 Math/Stat Pac "Blank"
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I have MATH/STAT Pac that CATalog 2 as:



The odd thing is it has no physical markings such as date code, part number, etc. Ir also has a thin slit 0.25 inches long on left and right sides. Compare with a normal module:

Any comments? Ideas?

Might it had the "innards" of a normal module but perhaps it had to be put into a blank case for some reason? Damage to the original?

Isn't this a burnt module, carbon copy of the original math/stat module ?

Didn't people use to combine ROMs both inside the 41C and in a module? I think someone recently pointed out that there is a minor difference between the Math/Stat module and the original two modules. It might have been a change that was necessary to overcome the reason why the two couldn't be combined - but if not, people might have made their own combined Math/Stat modules before HP.