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Full Version: wp34s crystal kits -- don't worry
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For those of you who requested crystal and cap kits from me for your wp34s calculators, don't worry. I have your requests. I'm waiting for crystals to arrive from China and it seems like they're taking their dear sweet time about it.

Hey David!

If you have an extra set, it is time for me to get on to the 34s bandwagon. Looking forward to the ir printer option also.


Geoff, I have some spare crystals and caps. I can get them from a local electronics store not for from home. :-) So if you need some, I can trade them for a bottle of Ahornsirup (maple juice) next time you are near me.

Still thinking about controlling an IR printer...

Still wanting extra SPI memory :-)

If we're going to add hardware, lets add everything we can reasonably add...

- Pauli

Then everything should go on a single custom board that only needs a few wires connected and maybe a cutout in the case. This will then be the 34SX.

If you're going to do that, perhaps spending some time with the question of how to fasten down the board after swapping it would be a good idea. Would substituting the LCD for something more dotmatrixy be possible?

Would substituting the LCD for something more dotmatrixy be possible?

I'm afraid it would not. The processor can drive the number of graphic elements as given on the present LCD, definitively not a single pixel more. For more, another architecture is required ... -> 43S.

I'm not thinking of a complete board swap, just an add-on board with a few components. Walter has already explained that we will not be able to add a substantially better display without an embedded controller which would demand a larger battery which ...