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Full Version: OT: ebook on Sharp G850
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For the Sharp fans here, following is link to ebook on using the Sharp PC-G850:

G850 EBook

From the sample shown, looks like Japanese translated to English, but might be usefull to someone. It's cheap : 99 cents, so not much to lose if it turns out to be useless.


The book is barely readable. The best you can get is the RTF version. The author hasn't the best possible command of the English language and the formatting is simplistic at best. I've spent $.99 for it and I'll read it because information about these Japanese education devices is hard to find in other languages than Japanese.

Yes, not the best. But at least it's cheap. I wonder if it was originally written in Japanese and then just put through a machine translation to get the English version. But so far, it's the only attempt I've seen on information on these models.