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Full Version: NCEES and Computer Based Testing
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Hello All.

I received a news alert today from POB (Point Of Beginning) Magazine that they will be hosting a Webinar with NCEES on Tuesday May 8th discussing the new Computer Based Testing for the FE & FS exams and what this means for NCEES exams in the future. Does this mean that these test are going to be conducted over the internet and taken from your home? Does this mean any calculater is ok to use now? Is a calculater even going to be needed for the test? I guess we will find out more in May.

*taken from home? no chance. how could they control cheating, or even who was answering the questions?
*changes in the calculator regulations? who knows. who cares either. surveyors don't calculate any more anyway. they stroke the key on the upper left marked "next point" and act infallible. or stroke their boss.
*btw, this showed up on my ebaby email. it's not mine or from anyone i know but it might be a good deal for someone studying for the test. glad i passed it in 86 when we could use a real calculator - for the test and for the job.

Probably start here: