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Full Version: aOT--Coolest thing I saw today
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Hi all,

Following the trail from that 'Joys of RPN' video, I came across this and as a Trekkie, I was quite astounded.

Here it is:

Bill & Dave (you know who I mean)

Matt; I just wanted to thank you for all your contributions to this forum lately. I appreciate it.

Do I hear the voice of Leonard Nimoy as the narrator there?


Yes! From http://www.siliconvalleyhistorical.org/home:

"Narrated by actor Leonard Nimoy, founders and entrepreneurs tell the compelling story of how and why Silicon Valley is unique."

Thank you very much for that! Just as well, am very thankful for all of you here at MoHPC forums as well.

After I fell out of my chair, I had to really turn up my speakers to run, rerun and re-run this clip just to verify that my speakers were actually relaying the voice of Mr. Nimoy and I wasn't imagining it.

It reminded me of other documentaries with his voice in the past (a series entitled `In Search of...', I think).


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