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Full Version: End of my 32SII?
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Dear all,
At last my 32SII experienced non-responsive key-press problem. The first row needs to press very hard to register. I tried to press the front against the back of the calculator. Sometimes it didn't work at all, sometimes the non-responsive keys shifted to other columns/rows. Any idea if it could be fixed? Thanks


Place the calc on the table.

Turn it on.

Press firmly on the keyboard bezel at the point just under the base
of the LCD display.

Test the problematic keys.

if the keys respond it is the failure of the foam insert which compresses over time. this insert is used to press the keyboard pca strip against the contacts on the logic pca.

as is ages it compresses and must be replaced. search the forum for the techniques to replace it.


Say Geoff, did you ever come out with your book on repairing calculators?