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Full Version: Changing radix mark on a 32E
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Hello all.

Yes, yes! I've another grandkid to add to my litany. This time, I acquired an HP-32E great condition (which explaind all my recent posts about the Spice Series).

This one came from Romania! Yup, that's not a typo. As such, the radix mark is a comma. So, I ask the question. I presume its embedded in firmware or some inaccessible place. but, is there a way to change the radix mark on this member of the Series E/C family?

Edited: 6 Apr 2012, 7:47 p.m.

No, there is no way through the keyboard: it is hard wired, you have to cut a trace on the mainboard.

More info in this old thread.

Hi there. To be honest (and maybe I'm a bit naive) but this sound a bit risky. Or is it something that can easily be accomplished? Being that the Spice Series calcs are quite tricky to work on, I wonder, in light of the Spice Series' serviceability and construction, would it be worth it or wise to change the radix or, should it best be left alone?

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As we can see in the pictures (thanks, Katie) the small jump in the power supply board controls whether you'll see a comma or a dot as radix mark. If you see a comma, the jump is actually cut and you'll need to restore it to see a dot, instead.

Cheers. and success!

Luiz (Brazil)

Well, since the link is severed (on the 32E, not the picture), me thinks it'll be better if I just leave the calculator alone.

Besides, for me it's a cool reminder of where this one came from, how this and RPN go against the conventional tide and boldly states my preference for the sleekness of the European style of doing things.

And now I can say I own both, the original 32 and the 32's namesake, the 32SII

Edited: 6 Apr 2012, 10:42 p.m.

And now I can say I own both, the original 32 and the 32's namesake, the 32SII

There are some more. The total 32-line contains: 32E, 32S, 32S 50-years-edition, 32SII v1, 32SII v2 (the latter with reduced label readability for fashion reasons). Enjoy collecting ;-)

Which one is the 32S-II with the metallic trim bordering the display?