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Full Version: HP65 related: I know it belongs in the adds, but I need advice.
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Hi, all.

I have just bought an HP82104A with three magnetic card packs for the HP65 (have not received them yet). They are a pack of unused cards, a STAT PACK 1 and a NAVIGATION PACK 1, all seem original from the pictures. I have no HP65 and I do not know if I'll ever have one (not in my wishlist, sorry!), so I plan to offer these packs for trading. I have no way to test them, so when delivered I'll just keep them stored with some other HP82104/HP97/HP67 cards.

I have no idea of their value, can anyone give me an idea? After knowing what are they worth I'll try the classified adds OR anyone interested in trading.


Luiz (Brazil)

I have an HP65, but no cards. If you are offering it for sale, I would be interested. I have no idea of the value (maybe others can help?). The only ones I have seen for auction have a BIN of around $150, and they don't seem to be going anywhere. Also, since both of 65's I bought I paid less than that, I just can't see spending that much. I would love t find a standard pack for the 65, but the ones you have would be a good starting point.
I'm not sure what to offer in trade - I have some "Spice" series units for parts, and a 21 that does not work (I was wondering if it might be a donor to get my 25c running however). A couple of inoperative 28s' - one torn open, so not a lot of use as far as I can see...
Let me know what you think!

Thank you very much, I appreciate.

Because of the difficulties that come out when dealing with international money order in Brazil, taxes for transferring either in or out may dilute the money, and if it is not a considerable amount you may end up with almost nothing, so I'll give trading a preference. Because the card packs will be delivered only next week, I am researching in advance so I may have a better idea of what to ask for.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)