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Full Version: HP 12C
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I have a HP 12C with the decimal points and comma's reversed. For example, 2,000.00 will read "2.000,00". I don't have a manual, but I know there must be some keystrokes to enter to correct this. Any help is appreciated.

What you need to do is start withe the calculator off. Press and hold the 'on' key then press the '.' key then release them. The radix should be switched back.

The curator gave a few reasons why business people would choose a 12C over more recent HP business calculators.

I would think that some were simply seduced by the fact that *all* commands were clearly indicated right on the keyboard : no menus! It is so much clearer then!

This is not possible on current top of the lines, which have hundreds, sometimes thousands of commands. But I think it is an important part of the charm of the 12C.