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Full Version: ? on HP 48 manual
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i have a factory original HP manual; it is entitled: "HP 48
Owner's Manual"; it is about 2" thick, and is P/N 00048-90091, edition 2, 8/92; it shows an HP 48SX on the cover, but references only "HP 48" inside. is this for the
HP 48S/SX calc?
carson city, nv

Yes. The 48s and sx are identical aside from the two card slots available on the sx. On the G series, the GX was provided with more memory also, but that aside, operations were still identical between the upper and lower range calculators. Hp should have marketed the G+ much sooner, but probalby was afraid of robbing GX sales.

Yep- that's the S/SX manual. the g/+/x calcs have a basic manual that is titled "hp48 g series user's guide"


have a look at chapter 34; the differences between HP48S and HP48SX (I think it's not mentioned this way) are explained. In the begining of this chapter, we read a sentece that states: "Except for the HP48S model, the HP48 has two plug-in ports...". Sounds strange, han?


Would someone mind explaining the difference between the G+ and the G/GX? I know the G has less memory and doesn't have the plug in ports; is the G+ a 128K version of the G?

Thanks in advance for your reply!

hi luiz, tnx!
actually, in CH. 34 they refer to HP 48, HP48S & "NOT for the HP48S"; so possibly this is a intermediate manual, for
the HP48 & HP48S? or is there NO HP 48? there is NO mention of the HP 48SX in this manual, not anywhere i can
find, and not in CH. 34.
carson city, nv

HP introduced the 48SX before the 48S.So, I think when they said 48 they meant 48SX.

tnx chan!
naturally, not being all that familiar w/ HP calcs, i assumed that the 48S would come BEFORE the 48SX! leave it
to HP to go against the grain!
carson city nv


Chan Tran is completely right. At the time HP offered the HP48SX to the world, it was meant to be the intermediate of two worlds: the HP41 community and the newcomming HP28 followers. As the HP41 series offered the extension capabilities AND ability to communicate with the external world, the HP48 should offer both. And it did: RS232 for comms, and PCM-CIA connectors. Wow!

Against this was only the PCM-CIA cards price. They are somewhat expensive, and a lot of HOP48 users could not afford buying them. What to do? Offer a low-cost version of the HP48, that was SX when born. Let's take the 'X' of, and so the eXtension capabilities. So, the HP48S is born.

(I must stop reading poetry)

Hope this clarifies.


and to support this, luiz, the manual does a lot of comparisons between the HP41 and the HP48.

You bet!

And if you have the time to, have a look here (self promotion). I wrote a book named "Da HP41 para a HP48" (from the HP41 to the HP48) that goes a bit deeper. A lot deeper (I did not read it yet) and many light-years ahead my book is "HP41/HP48 Transitions", written by Bill Wickes (Project Leader for the HP28). This is really great!

You know what? Appendix F in your HP48 Owner's Manual was added later. I have a previous edition (two volumes, spiral bond) and all of the comparisons are absent.

It's good getting (a little) back in time and share a few words about it.