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Full Version: HP 17bii
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I have an hp17bii, bought because I could not obtain an hp32sii.

I like it. The solver plus the user-definable menu keys, and the ability to store lists make it pretty flexible for many tasks that are suited to a calculator rather than a computer. No trig functions but they can be programmed. And the program/data memory is quite large.

I'm comfortable with the programming that is described in the manual. But I've heard of let and get functions. And I've wanted to access memory registers from programs.

Has anyone any good tips on how to do (or not to do) these things.

Look at this article by Bruce Maguire:


Also note the reference in the article to the HP27S and 19B Technical Applications book, which is on the Museum CD-ROMs.

Thanks Ellis.

I am hoping for personal tips about how let/get work and how useful they are. I've ordered a CD, and await it with interest. I've seen Bruce Maguires article, but haven't worked out from there how to use the functions.

Also interested in whether the let/get functions, or anything else, allows access to the x y z t or numbered registers.