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Full Version: Emu28 v1.25 and Emu48 v1.52 update
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I updated Emu28 to version 1.25. This version fixed a bug in the display contrast simulation introduced in v1.24.

Further I updated the Emu48 Classic version to version 1.52. This version got the from some people long awaited "Single Instance" option. So no additional software is necessary for this any more. The Setting dialog was getting larger and larger, especially in height. So I changed the Settings dialog to a Property sheet. Hope you enjoy the new style. The source code patch for compiling with MinGW support also GCC 4 now.

Sorry for those who are waiting for a new Emu42 version. I just recognized and fixed a bug in the new display engine and so I haven't finished beta testing yet. Because I finished my beta tests on Emu48 I decided to published it instead of Emu42.

All updates can be found on http://hp.giesselink.com/.


Thanks for the updates!!! I looooooooove emulators.


Thanks a lot !

Emu48 is a perfect tools and works fine with HPUserEdit. Combining the two is very interesting