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Full Version: 32s ii
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i noticed on ebay that people are paying **WAY** more money than the 32s is worth!

what is going on with that????
why the crazy demand?

And I Hp notices too!

Consider that the 32Sii is worth it to the people paying those prices. No one is making them pay those amounts, only that there is a shrinking supply and a demand larger than that supply.

Have you tried to buy a new pocket size RPN calculator lately? It is the only unit out there. I think devoted RPN fans are buying "one more spare" just in case.

Heh- I've managed to overdo my "one more spare", perhaps. I'm still scared to use my 42s much, it's basically irreplaceable at this point.And I don't use the 32Sii enough because 384 steps is a bit too limited for calc/stats/chem/psych research all at the same time.

I wonder when the 20S will start having a major price hike...

(and again I am about to go into my eternally cyclimg 41/42 vs 28/48 debate. I need one of the architectures to win, and if the 42s had serial, it would have by now. I don't use graphing much. And if I had a 41 with all the bits....)

... and if you are dedicated enough to want a nice, old "brown bezel 32sii" as a "spare": be aware that these gems have become collectors items, thus be prepared to pay a little fortune for one of it ;-)