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Full Version: HP48GX Screen Broke
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Hey All,

In moving my HP48GX got its screen smashed. :( :(

Were can I get parts / repair?? And even how do I open the case?? (I saw it might require drilling?)

Any suggestions on the procedure / action?

Call the Hp calculator support group. For an out of warranty unit, they will sell you a new one for about half the price of a new one on an exchange basis. That having been said, you asked how to open it.

While you can open a 48, it ain't pretty. You have two choices that I know of:

1. Drill holes behind the led cover and cut through the 4 heat staked posts on the top half of the calculator. Drill holes in the battery compartment and cut through the 7 heat stakes in the bottom half of the unit. Very ugly and hard to get back together in a way that stays together. FYI, this procedure is detailed elsewhere on the web.

2. My method is to use a heat gun and peel the aluminum bezel off the top of the unit. Do it in such a way that you don't bend it. Good luck. It helps to have a really trashed unit to play with first to get the hang of it. Then use a twist drill in a pin vise, and remove just enough from the top of the 7 heat stakes to free them.

Now you need to push a tool through the 6 slots along the sides of the keyboard and free the 6 locking clips across from the A,SIN,ON,F,1/x, and + keys. You now have two halves of a 48. Now for the really hard part, the display...

Got the idea yet? While I have done it, and I'm sure others have done it many times, I don't consider it a fun time when I can still get a replacement from Hp.

Just my opinion.


I have an (also) LCD broken HP48. It has NO font layer, and the holes are easily visible. I can scan the image and send it to, so you can try drilling in the precise position. Would you like it?

Best regards.