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Full Version: HP48S/48G connectivity
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Just a quick question: Is it possible to use the HP48G PC link cable and connectivity software with an HP48S? If not, is there any easy way known how to modify cable/software to make it work (does anyone know about "how-to-do" articles on this subject posted here or elsewhere)?

It should work just fine. I've used the connectivity software with my Rev. A 48sx. The cable is the same 9 pin rs232-4 pin special connector.


You might also be interested in "The HP Cable Table
by Joseph K. Horn" (http://pweb.jps.net/~joehorn/cable.htm).


Thanks for advice, Andy! Thanks for the hint on Joes "cable table", Glen: it's great! :-)

I wish I had read the Cable Table before I plugged my $25 HP39G into what turned out to be an HP200LX cable! The screen went crazy and might have some permanent damage although operation seems to be normal, still I wish I hadn't done it.