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Full Version: That's definitely a Classic!
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Hi all,

Well, on the heels of my original HP-21/45 dilemma, I just bought the other one! Last week, I bought the 21 and 32E. After mulling over the remaining candidate, I decided to give one of the other posters' recommendations a thought and decided to go for a 45.

Lo and behold, the 45 was !still! available. So, I went for it! Way too pricey but, as one of the posters here said, the 45 adds a lot more, has more registers AND has LASTx that I've been wanting since the 35 was lacking. I've also found out from reading John A. Ball's bible, "Algorithms For RPN Calculators," some 45s even features Register Arithmetic for BOTH store and recall!.

But wait, there's more! I decided to give the HP-55 a fair shake. Even though its programming is 50 steps, lacks merged prefixes and limited branching with only two conditionals, the function set is very robust--even with two variable statistics as opposed to the 45's single var stats, three angular modes, H.MS conversion & arithmetic and quite a few more features.

And then, I decided to up my original 25. So, I also saw that the 25C was still in the neighbourhood! And yes, I got 'im. And best of all it's a Woodstock! I gotta admit, the Woodstocks do have that certain eye candy appeal and for the tech wizardry packed into such a small form factor, the 25C makes quite an impact! Yes, yes, no subroutine levels but hey, we're programmers! We can devise clever modifications.

So, it looks like I'm gonna be a grandparent again!

Edited: 30 Mar 2012, 4:38 p.m.

Oh, the nostalgia. Collector fever :-)

I originally bought an HP-45 when I was in the Air Force at the Base Exchange (Oh it was expensive for me!) The HP-65 was just too much but when the HP-55 came out I sold my 45 and bought it. I still have my HP-55 and it works great.



For the records:

(...)lacks merged prefixes(...)
It merges the GTO key, which becomes a single '-' (minus signal) followed by a two-digit code. There is no specific code for the [GTO] key. ;)


Luiz (Brazil)