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Full Version: HP 97 charger
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I already found some information on this, but want to make sure before I plug my 82067B Charger (for the HP41 82143A-Printer) into the 97.
The plug fits, the Printer uses the same battery pack and so it would make sense that this is the right chrager for the 97 as well. But why does it say "5 Volts, 2 Watts" on the HP 97? Can somebody confirm I can ignore that?
Also, does this calculator have a propper (internal) poersupply that allows it to run just of the charger? Or does it, like the HP-67, need a battery pack installed to limit the Voltage?


PS: The reason I am asking is, that -more or less by accident- I bought a really cheap HP-97 allong with a HP-65 that I wanted for parts and an 11C. Turns out, although the cheapest of the lot, the HP-97 is also the best out of the three. I guess that's life.....

  1. Power rating is what the calculator consumes
  2. Charger mentioned is fine
  3. The 97 will not function without a good battery, the charger only charges said battery
  4. The 97 has an internal voltage clamp that *should* prevent damage if the charger is powered without a good battery in place

Thanks a lot!