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Full Version: Zengrange Ltd 41CV Emulator Card for HP-48GX too?
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This 32K ROM contains 4 libraries: L1402 (597 bytes,Ctl41), L1403 (890 bytes,Dat41), L1404 and L2046 (633.5 and 30685.5 bytes,41CV Emulator). Did someone re-write L1404 and L2046 with specific HP-48GX codes? Thanks.

I have the card that HP sold for the 48SX. I have used it in the 48GX without problems. Though I don't use it very often.

My card crashed the GX. It worked fine in my SX

It is highly likely that the emulator will misbehave in the GX, because there were some assumptions about the 48 memory architecture made in the emulator code which were invalidated by the GX.

I just tried two different versions of the emulator on a GX to see what would happen. The emulator with version 0E works up to the point where you attempt to complete number entry (for example, I typed '123 ENTER'), but then the machine hangs. Emulator version 0A seems to work okay (i.e., it doesn't hang at that point), but I didn't do an exhaustive test, and I wouldn't rely on it working generally on the GX.

[To find out which version of the emulator you have, its version code is the first two digits of the string that VERS41 returns.]


I have one of those cards and it didn't work in my GX. However, some claimed that it works in his GX.