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Full Version: Does this HP-32E from eBay sound legit?
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Hi there. I saw this ad for a 32E off eBay:

HP-32E off of eBay

Being that this seller hasn't tested the unit but advertises that it looks to be in tip-top shape makes me a little bit concerned.

What do you think?


Edited: 27 Mar 2012, 10:15 p.m.

Thank god it has no Corsican buildup.


Could be anything. Therefore is overpriced by a factor of ten. Remember our discussion of two or three days ago? I bought a dozen or so calculators of that series in similar condition for an average price under 20 Euros each and derived my personal statstics that three out of four are defective. So your chances are 25% that this calculator works. Pay no more than 20 dollars for it.
Last week (yes, I can't stop buying them either...) I bought a 33C from eBay in excellent cosmetic condition and working, but some keys don't register. 21 Euros I paid for it and it is worth no more than that.

Regards, max

Well, that and my instincts settles it. My hunches were telling me this could be a jack in the box and besides, with the way the seller described how it came about sound corny and fishy. Besides, it'd never been tested. It also seems that this guy didn't do any poking around on the internet for us or the companies Calculator Source or Vintage Calculators to have them send a battery or charger.

Seriously, with the way FixThatCalc, us here or the other places I mentioned are well marketed, I'm not certain why this seller didn't investigate to see if one of our resources could help validate the operability of this 32E he found.

Thanks so much!

Edited: 28 Mar 2012, 12:33 a.m.

He's probably one of those estate sale junk buyers. Some of them do a lot of research, others just list stuff on ebay with arbitrary prices, having no idea what it's worth. Those guys see it as time they spend figuring out how to test some item is time not spent making $.