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Full Version: 15C keyboard question
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Hello all,

My 15C I've had for 20+ years. All the keys have a soft but definite feedback to them as I press them. The ENTER^ key however, has such a slight click to it, it's barely noticeable. Just as well, as each of the keys has a depth to its keypress, I can barely tell if the ENTER^ key is depressing as I type it. Any suggestions are greatly welcome.

Thank you

Edited: 27 Mar 2012, 2:51 p.m.

Here's my 0.02...

I just went and tried the keyboards of all the Voyagers I have out at the moment. My finding is that with all the older models (10C, 12C, 15C, 16C) the travel on the enter key appears to be less than the other keys. On newer machines (various 12C incarnations and the 15C LE) the travel on the enter key appears to match that on the other keys. The same thing goes for the "click"--the click on the older enter keys seems less obvious than that of the enter keys on the newer models.



Thank you! Reason I ask is because I've been playing with my newer models (and older toys I got recently) that before I moved, three years ago, I took out all the batteries of my calcs. Second, it's only recently that I've fetched the 15C and my other HPs out of storage. Although it's obvious how the 32SII, 42S, 48GX keypress should feel, I've practically forgotten how the keypress on my 15C should be.


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It's funny how the same questions get repeated every few years... yes, it's fine, it was designed that way...

Thanks. And thanks for forgiving the inquiry rerun.

The 15c LE has a definite click on all keys. The sound reminds me of a soft version of an electric typewriter from the 1970s.


In 1982 I purchased a HP34C, then in 1983 a HP15C (I assume this is fairly early model). The 15C never did have the positive click and depth of travel that the HP34C did. The 34C feel is similar to my new HP15C LE.

I asked that question too in the past, when I got my first classic 1xC.
I think this is a recurrent question because, if you don't know it's meant to be like that, it just feels "wrong", we're all used to every key on a calc feeling the same when depressed...

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