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Full Version: Elastic Collisions Program: HP 50g
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New Blog: Elastic Collsions Program
for HP 50g


Love your blog, thank you! :) I wish there were more active resources about the 50g...


> I wish there were more active resources about the 50g...

Well, my site is an *active resource* for the HP 50g.

(Giving an unofficial update to your 3 years old ROM 2.15 and much more.)

Much more active than HP itself...




I know about your site, I visited it several times! :) What I meant is that there are very few active sites / developers. Compare it with other brands of calculators, or even with older calculators from HP... you can find much less for the 50g!


> What I meant is that there are very few active sites / developers.

HP did everything they could to be *not* successful with the 50g.

Read it slowly from my lips: They do not want to be successful with the 50g. That is the sad but true fact proven by years.

And although it is still and was for many years their top product no one really cared.

Which is not really surprising with a yearly changing management of the calc division.

> ... you can find much less for the 50g!

But why don't you ask them directly ?

Why buy and use HP products if their CEO praises Apple in public ?




There never was a worthy successor of the HP48GX! Everything else (Hard- and Software) was inadequate.

Is this a joke ?
Have you ever use an HP50G ?

The 50G is far better in all way than the 48G : great speed increase, USB, better and bigger screen, smallfont, better equation writer, CAS, SD card, more RAM , infinite integer and so much others improvements ...

The problem is not the 50G quality (good), but the fact that there is nothing new since this 50G. We need a new 50GII or 51G with more RAM, and better screen resolution, and increase speed.

About the keyboard, the 50G one is very good , not as soft as my old 48SX for sure but better than many others calculators. And imho, i prefer the keyboard disposition of the 50G ( but if the 51G comes with a big "enter" key, it's not a problem for me like it looks a problem )

End of the off topic for me ;)

No, joke!

I have an HP48GX and an HP50G!

Have you ever calculate five hours with a HP50G and a HP 48GX continuously?

... then you feel the difference.

P.S.: Sorry, but a HP50GII or 51G will never come!

Edited: 28 Mar 2012, 2:41 a.m.

Yes I have ;) And i perfer largely the 50G
So we have different opinions on this subject. It's not a problem.

I'm not such pessimistic as you about the future. Wait and see. I'm in no hurry for my usage and in fact just a better screen resolution will make me happy.

Edited: 28 Mar 2012, 7:30 a.m.

Good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.