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Full Version: Package lost-stolen
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Dear friends and enthusiasts!

I need help of community: I sold to a friend in USA the following itens and sent them by brazilian post office. Unfortunatelly, the package was lost from my city (Belo Horizonte) to Sao Paulo.
Wath was inside:
- one HP 48GX, with two RAM Cards - one 1Gb and one 128K, HP originals, dark green color;
- one original HP overhead, with communication cable;
- one Chemistry card and manual, for 48SX;
- one as new Infrared Printer.

Please, friends in Brazil, if you see any add in brazilian selling sites, let me know.

Artur - arturmariojr at gmail dot com

I'll keep watching, will tell you if so.

Good luck!


Hope you´ll find it.

I didn´t receive an HP-42s from the US sent through USPS Priority Mail International since last december. I no longer use that shipping method as, being the cheapest (or one of the), it has the more risks. Now I only use from USPS Express Mail International upwards.

I only buy from the US, and am certain that a package is safe while traveling within its borders, but once it make it to Mexico, you are on your own...

Many thanks!!

What was the serial number?

Well,I didn't take note of this, but, trying to read on pictures I take:

ID624D1188 or



Indonezia, 1993

Package found at Customs, still in Brazil ...

Anyway, a good lesson: never accept to declare and make insurance less than real value ...

Many thanks to my friends!!!


Good news. Glad you were able to find it.



Parabems! Brazil seems to be an exciting country ;-)

Hey, pall, happy for you!

Good news indeed!

Time for a 'cachacinha' (Brazilian drink) to celebrate! (don't get drunk so you will not be able to grab the package and take it home safely...)


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 22 Mar 2012, 11:39 a.m.

Hallo, Walter. Und Danke schöen!

I'd tell you that I know many Brazilians that are actually great people (some contribute here...). I'd just like to see the right people in the right places. Here we have quite the opposite...

No more politics, back to calculators.


Glad you have found it at last.
I had to receive a package with a 30B and 35S but it has never arrived :(, it is the first time it happens to me (in this country).
Fortunately, the seller, an UK online calculator shop, didn't make any problems when I called them and they sent another one straight away by special delivery.

My DM-15CC enjoys german customs offices since weeks >:(.