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Full Version: Several New Emulators for iOS
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Maciej Bartosiak has several new emulators available for iOS devices ( iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad ). In addition to rpn-21 and rpn-25, he now has rpn-35, rpn-45, rpn-55, rpn-80, rpn-32e and rpn-33c. I am a big fan of rpn-32e and rpn-33c, with their comma separators and better math than the Classics and Woodstocks.


...or you can just search for them in the iTunes store.

Yep I got them all. I was looking for new RPN emulators a few days ago and found the new ones he added. They look wonderful on an iPad!!

I was happy to see the emulator for the HP-33C since I was hoping that the implementations for the HP-25 (available for the iPhone/iPod/iPad in two versions) would add the GSB and RTN commands, since there was a place for the on the HP-25 keyboard as shifted commands. The HP-33C works like an HP-25C with subroutines.

I have a nice book that the wife of the late Swiss mathematician Peter Henrici wrote for the HP-33E/C as a supplement for one of her husband's Numerical Analysis books (aimed at calculators). So now it becomes easier to use the book and the HP-33C emulator.


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Would be very nice to see an TI-58/59, TI-66, TI-65, and TI-95 emulators for the iPad/iPod/iPhone. And yes I would pay for these apps.


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I'm rather fond of my 29C. Since the 29C offers labels as well as 98 program steps, I prefer it to a 33. Although, yes, the algorithms are better in the Spice series than Woodstock era. since you are porting it to an iOS form, longer program length, more storage register as well as the improved algorithms in a version of the 29C would be nifty.

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To all:

Yesterday installed RPN.55 Emulator on my I-Phone. BEST(!) RPN phone-app I've seen to date.

Keys are well sized; timer is an added bonus (but it does not run when the phone goes to sleep :( ).

For quick calcs by an RPN fan with mature fingers, can't be beat.

Well worth the price, and for the truly frugal, the HP.21 version is Free. (Basic scientific/RPN; same interface and skin).

Great job.

Now how about a 65/67 version with "cards" to store and load programs from ??