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Full Version: About HP71 swap disks
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As they are still on the net, you can now try them with your android device ...

Look for go71b on Google Play (aka android market).


Very impressive !!


Any plans to implement your emulators for the iPhone or better yet, the iPad? having an HP-71B on an iPad would be gigacool!!!


Actually no, I left apple development when you have to pay to code :(

But I plan to make it for android tablet ;)


P.S. But who knows ... if I got enough money to buy also an ipad ... ;) But I better prefer to buy a REAL HP71B before (I don't have one ...)

You don't have an HP71B?????!!! Really???


I have some nice old HP (15c, 41cx, 42s, 28s, 17bii) I bought new when they were manufactured.
I have some recent ones (48gx, 49g, 49g+) and only ONE really nice now working (after repairs) old led model, an HP97 I bought for 2€ at a flee market.

But NO HP71B and I think I miss something about that (that why I partly made this emulator ...). I still regret not have bought one in the 1990's ...


Edited: 17 Mar 2012, 7:44 p.m.