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Full Version: Legible version of 29C Curve Fitting program
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Hello there.

I'm trying to read the curve fitting program listing from the PDF of the HP-19C/29C Applications Book found on v7 of the Museum CD. What makes quite a few of the program listings very difficult is that the program listings are shown as they're from the printer output.

Most notably, for the curve fitting one I'm reading now, the register instruction keystrokes steps 23 to 26 and 34 to 37 ('RCL') are very hard to decipher. So, can anyone please e-mail me the program listing or post it here so I may read it more clearly.

Thank you very much

Edited: 14 Mar 2012, 4:29 a.m.


I do not have these manuals (yet), but there is something I have usually seen in program listings from HP programmable calculators based in keycodes: the keycodes themselves. Both, the HP29C and its printing version, use keycodes to show program line contents. Aren't these codes printed as well?

Just a guess...


Luiz (Brazil)


On the 29C/19C there are 16 primary registers. The addresses of these registers are indicated by the numbers 0 through 9 and .0 through .5.

In the listing you’re refering to, the steps 23 to 26 and 34 to 37 are RCL operations on the registers .0 to .5:

23  RC.3    RCL . 3
24 RC.2 RCL . 2
25 RC.1 RCL . 1
26 RC.5 RCL . 5
34 RC.0 RCL . 0
35 RC.5 RCL . 5
36 RC.1 RCL . 1
37 RC.3 RCL . 3

Yes! Those are them. Thanks! That helps.

By the way, Luiz, in the printouts, only the step numbers and instructions are printed, no keycodes are shown to reference.

Edited: 14 Mar 2012, 12:54 p.m.

By the way, I just noticed, steps 17-20 are also pretty confusing to read. Could someone help me out with those, please?

This is how I read these lines:

17  RC.0    RCL . 0
18 RC.2 RCL . 2
19 RC.1 RCL . 1
20 RC.1 RCL . 1

Thank you!