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Full Version: Editing HP-50G SD Card elements on a Mac
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Editing HP-50G SD Card elements on a Mac

Hello all,

So now I figured out how to transfer the HP-50G items to the SD card. Now that I've done that, what format are the docs in so I may edit them with the right app? I've tried TextEdit and all I get is text that's mishmash. If I open the doc with Microsoft Word, what format should I choose to open the file?

Please advise

Thank you

The save was binary, not ASCII. ASCII text is perfectly readable in any text editor of your liking.

Okay then. Please let me know how do I tell the 50G to save the item to the SD Card as ASCII? I think the [MODES] [==FLAGS==] 35 flag is only for the connecting the 50G to the computer. I don't think that setting affects the SD card.