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Full Version: 2nd version HP-35 with Finnish manual and back label
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Hi all

I managed to get a 2nd version HP-35 in one Finnish auction. The almost "brand new" calculator includes the Finnish language manual. If anyone is interested in the copy of that manual please let me know.

see: http://wiki.helsinki.fi/display/KeittioKemiaa/My+HP-35

matti (Finland)

Hyvää! d:-)

Very Nice!!! "Blues" Thanks for sharing.

It would be a nice addition to the next Museum DVDs. Currently these are the only non-English HP-35 manuals:

HP-35 Bedienungsanleitung (German Manual)

HP-35 Manual Preliminar de Funcionamiento (Spanish Manual)

Have you read Dave Hick's request below?



Hi Gerson

I sent a message to Dave yesterday but haven't got reply
/matti (Finland)

Hi Matti,

By experience, it may take him a while to respond.


Hi Matti,

I'm looking forward to seeing it on the next Museum DVD, even though I will not understand a single word :-)

I might scan this manual, if anyone is interested:

Hi Gerson

While waiting the next Museum DVD you can start your Finnish lessons with this back label

Hey, thank you!

Some years ago I watched a nice Finnish movie about a man who had lost his memory. The following dialog called my attention then:

"You could be a foreigner."
"But I speak Finnish!"´

"You people learn fast."

That didn't look quite plausible to me :-)