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Full Version: HP-41 SKWIDBC barcode rom
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Does this module really exist ? It was programmed by Ken Emery and announced by Synthetix for a price of nearly $200. Two variations exist, for HP Think Jet and HP Laser Jet printers. The module was programmed in mcode and creates HP-41 barcode plots in short time. Does everyone have mor details about this, or own it ? Would be a rom-file availlable ?

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug (the author of I/O-Board and IL2000 system for hardware intefacing & measurement applications with HP-41)

Hallo Mr IL,

ich habe kuerzlich ein ROM-Image davon erhalten.

AFAIK gibt es das Barcode-ROM zumindestens auf EPROM.

Viele Gruesse aus Hannover,

Raymond Hellstern

Back from vacation near Perpignan (F) w/o access to internet (intentionally) I find here a "rare bird" I'm chasing for a long time. Could you be so kind ... you know what I mean ;-)

BTW, is there somewhere a scan of the HP-IL VASM listing?


I saw one HP-41 SKWIDBC barcode on ebay, complete with box, etc. sometime within the last two years. I dis=d not chse it aggressively enough. It does exist.

Thank you for the hint, alas it hurts a bit to know the facts.


A friend contacted me to say he has a SKIDBC rom (no, I do not believe he would sell it). If you want me to forward your contact information to him for questions, drop me an email.