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Full Version: Return of the HP 50g RS-232 serial cables
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I finally got a new run of circuit boards made, so I can start selling the 50g RS-232 serial cables again. Right now I am fulfilling backorders, but I should have them in stock later this month.

The new boards are made by a different supplier (PCBCART in China instead of Futurelec in Thailand), and the build quality is significantly better. They are easier to solder, too.

Here's an album of photos showing the process of making them. You can click the download link on each one to download the full 3 megapixel shots.

Here's just one photo as a preview:


A bit of google'ing later...

This is what it is and what it is for:

BTW, it appears that the DNS for http://hpcalc.org/ is incorrect while http://www.hpcalc.org/ works OK (as does the commerce... link above).

Sorry, I assumed everyone was familiar with it, so I didn't feel the need to add any context. Thanks for adding the links.


Congratulations, very nice solution! I need to order one before is too late again!