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Full Version: GNU PC Connectivity Kit 3.0 and Windows 7
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Hi all

Has anyone try to use GNU PC Connectivity Kit 3.0 in Windows 7 to connect HP48GX to PC? I have used used this software in XP and it works just fine. In Win7 the software does not get the connection to 48GX, the screen of the calculator "blinks" but the communication is not formed.

My Lenovo laptop is not compatible for running XP in virtual mode. Any advise?

regards, velimatti (Finland)
ps. many thanks for this most enjoyable discussion forum

That's the first I've even heard of such a thing, and a Google search didn't enlighten. What is this "GNU PC Connectivity Kit" and where do you get it?

Is it related to Conn4x or HPComm?

Hi Eric

I loaded it from here:

You are right, I named it is a silly way.

It works in my XP but not in Win7

Well, at least your name for it sounded plausible enough to grab my interest!

It's a shame that it doesn't work with Windows 7. I wonder if version 2.3.2439 will work on Windows 7? That can be found on hpcalc.org.

Thanks Eric for your advise.
I installed the newer version which included Xmodem library, change the transfer protocol from Kermit to Xmodem, and... It works. Also the later version starts working in Win7. Amazing thing, this can only happen to an IT-idiot like me.
regards, "if it works, do not fix it"-matti (Finland)